Thursday, June 21, 2012

nature abhors a vacuum; it might make a good workspace.

if i could spare the space, then i'd arrange for a two-room office.  the main thing would be that one room would not have any computers in it at all.

it would have a big window, though [1].

along with a ban on computers, that room would contain little more than, say, a sturdy, level table and chairs.  books and bookcases would go in the other room, with the computer(s) and file cabinet(s) and all the scratch paper.  the point would be to keep that one room bare, uncluttered, and uncomplicated.
the philosophy would be to "bring only what you need; otherwise it should be empty of distraction, perfect for thinking.."

i'm even wondering whether the table and chairs are absolutely necessary for efficient work [2].
on the other hand, a chalkboard seems like a good idea .. but in keeping with the vibe of the room, the board must be erased after each work session.  now that i think about it, chalkboard paint would keep it simple:

literally, to write on the walls .. [3]

[1] if only to mark the passage of time.  a wall clock seems too forced.  on the other hand, the onset of dusk and darkness seems something reasonable to keep in mind, if only to pace yourself and the work involved.

[2] for me it would be enough to take a wooden board, something like a removable shelf from a bookcase.  i'd sit with my back to one wall, prop the board on my legs, and it would support a notebook as i would write in it.

[3] .. but not, say, on the windows. that's too reminiscient of that film, a beautiful mind: drawing diagrams on top of window glass seems, to me, too much like trapping yourself inside a box of symbols, keeping the world .. even sunlight .. at bay.

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