Tuesday, June 05, 2012

mildly mathematical: thoughts of maps and lists.

when one has just returned from traveling, one's thoughts inevitably turn to the next trip.

that said, i've visited 32* of the 52 (extended) united states** so far ..

.. but i have never been to iowa or mississippi.  as it happens, during the next calendar year there are AMS sectional meetings scheduled for those places.

organising anything is always some kind of headache .. but it might be fun to meet up in the middle of nowhere,

scrawl on legal pads together,
and find the local espresso pump and watering holes.
so if anyone is planning a special session thereabouts, then let me know. (-:

** the way i see it: if idaho and wyoming count as states, with their small populations, then puerto rico and washington d.c. belong in the fold.  (i've been to d.c., otherwise the count is 31.)

* as for how i count .. layovers at airports don't count and driving through states doesn't count, either.  my count would otherwise increase to 38.

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