Thursday, June 28, 2012

conference, day 4: more bad behavior.

like anyone else, i have my fair share of bad habits .. just that, at conferences, they become more manifest.

take coffee consumption, for instance:
typically i drink 2-3 cups per day [1], but at conferences, there is always a morning coffee break and an afternoon one, too.  somehow conference participation culture is difficult to overcome:

as long as there is a break, then why not a coffee?
then there is the relaxation after a full day at a conference, often at a pub with many friends and colleagues.  the problem is that maybe just one more too easily translates to one-too-many, and often it's quite late at night when i finally find myself back in my room.

staying up late,
drinking alcohol to excess,
drinking coffee to excess .. and then having to wake up early!

none of these vices are really that serious, but they really wear me out if done too much in concert.  i feel it already with this week's conference; i can only imagine how again it can be, when i find myself next week in Krakow ..!

[1] for me, it's two cups in the morning, just after waking up, and one shortly after lunch, but not right afterwards. the effect of caffeine seems wasted if it is put in direct opposition to the sleepiness after a midday meal.

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