Wednesday, March 30, 2011

once gold, now lead.

the mind is fickle, sometimes:

2 weeks ago i was ecstatic about a new theorem that i proved. i've met some friends and colleagues in the mean-while, and it was received well.

yesterday and today, however, i was frustrated. sure, it generalises a existing theorem regarding anaΙysis on metrιc spaces (that i shamelessly discussed previously here).

on the other hand, it's not sharp ..!
i can't prove that the examples i have in mind are "truly new" .. in the sense that the extant theorem doesn't apply to them.

what good is there in proving a more general theorem, if one sees no concrete use for it? i, for one, am not a bοurbakist.
in fact, having talked to friends this past weekend, it's not clear to me how large of a class these "new" examples are.


maybe i should accept this project as it is, for now. there are other ideas worth pursuing anyway, and promises to keep (in the form of other joint papers to write).

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