Friday, March 11, 2011

leaving, on a jet plane ..

the worst thing about traveling isn't the airports.
these days i arrive to airport security beltless, with my shoes untied, and holding a plastic bag of mini toiletries. admittedly i feel pathetic .. i imagine myself a dog, rolling over, in hopes of getting a treat .. but i suppose i'm not the only one.

for that reason, i don't mind trains.
(besides, on amtrak trains there are often power outlets for laptops.)
the worst thing isn't the banal chit-chat with fellow passengers, either.
at this point, nobody seems to want to talk to one another. maybe it's because of all the chatty fellow passengers that i keep griping about, and travelers are inclined now to the opposite extreme.

there is also the issue of boredom, but there are now better ways to entertain oneself: iPods, in-flight tv, and the occasion book or magazine.

gone are the days when someone asks me what mathematicians do or how they hated maths back in school. the only thing anyone asks me, these days, is my choice of beverage .. and depending on the airline, if i want cookies or peanuts.
no: the worst thing about traveling (during the semester) is preparing lectures in advance for your substitute.

i hate doing that.

in general, i rarely write lectures more than 24 hours in advance. if i write my lecture notes too far in advance, then i'll forget the pace and details, and the ensuing lectures will be plodding and slow. i hate feeling like i don't know what i'm talking about, right away.

luckily, it's spring break for my university this week.
all i have to do is write a talk and not miss my plane: easy enough.

my flight's boarding now. if you're headed to statesboro, ga: i might see you there.

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