Monday, February 21, 2011

well, at least this day is done.

this morning at 7:30am i woke up tired. looking in the kitchen, i had only enough coffee grounds to make 3/4 of a proper cup.


later there would be two lectures to give, as well as a third substitute lecture; all of them, different courses.


i agreed to cover for a fellow postdoc, you see.
that said, this favor better not be in vain;
he'd better nail that job interview ..!
by the time i was half-way through the 3rd lecture (the proofs course), i was exhausted. at one point i thought the proof i was giving the students had a hole in the strategy.

stupid, stupid, stupid ..!

rather than have them stew in uneasy confusion while i'd try to patch it on the fly, i decided to set it aside. i promised them a complete proof next time, explained that most people don't remember all the proofs they learn, and went on to prove corollaries.

if that's true for "most people,"
then why am i still mad at myself?

in the end, though, the proof was right. i was just too tired to see it.

this post came out more frustrated than i'd like it to be. today was just a day worth forgetting. what i really wanted to say was that i worked all weekend.

thinking about it now,
i doubt that sounds any better.

there is a good part, though. remember when i said that i was looking for another theorem, something interesting enough to make a decent paper?

i think i found one. it took a weekend, scratching away hours from exam grading and lecture writing, but i think it works.

i can't wait to write it up in $\LaTeX$ tomorrow ..!

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