Saturday, February 05, 2011

it would be easier, if this social gathering had prerequisites ..

this morning i remembered:
tonight is a dinner party.
the host, a fellow postdoc, invited me.

fair enough; the usual crowd is used to my teaching rants.
then i thought about it: his sig.other is studying in the school in public health at our university. other students, of a professional kind, will be there as well.
ver well, then: don't rant in front of the students. it's bad form.
i thought further:
i might be the only non-applied mathematician there. most of the postdocs in this department are mathematicaΙ biοlogists.

did he invite the logician? probably not;
no butch-&-sundance ending, then.

crap. there's no way out of this, is there?
they'll ask .. they always ask: so what do you do? what is theoretical maths, exactly?

so i'll have to explain myself non-rigorously, using plain language and concrete examples, while not sounding like a physicist or a computer scientist .. and without becoming too dry and boring.


oh well. at least it's a dinner party, not being stuck in a row of seats in an airplane ..

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