Wednesday, March 17, 2010

in gambling, there is always a risk.

i've been writing.

there's one section left of the preprint that's not been fleshed out, but we have the theorem in mind. as for a proof,
  1. there's a standard technique that works. it involves a cοvering theorem.

  2. another, less standard technique, involves rescalιngs of space, which seems more intuitive to me.
excited by this, i read through a paper or two. for about a week, i thought that i was able to adapt that existing technique to our new-ish setting .. but i can't get the damned constants to work.

i can't see a way around it,
not without an additional, artifical hypothesis ..

.. so i'm letting it go.

it's another one of my attempts at "originality" which has fallen flat and won't ever get up. somehow i thought it could work, that i could do it, and that the time i invested wasn't really a risk.

well, i should have known better;
i should have played it safe.

it could be worse, i guess.

at least i found out only after a week;
at least there is something else to try.

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