Thursday, March 04, 2010

a day in the life.

many things happened to me today, which was unusual.
  1. i worked for a few hours on a joint preprint [0];

  2. i held three office hours and administered 1 makeup exam;

  3. i had two separate research meetings with members of my research group;

  4. i decided not to go to india for the ICM, and accept the logical consequences.

  5. i sat on a panel on a "life after graduate school" workshop, in which the subjects were how to apply for postdocs and write grants [1];

  6. i was invited to give a colloquium!!!

[0] technically, a day consists of 24 hours. suffice it to say that i didn't get much sleep, last night.

[1] this time, i avoided sounding like an idiot. on the other hand, i think i ended up sounding paranoid and bitter.

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