Sunday, February 28, 2010

write, write, write.

all i ever seem to do, lately, is write:
  • every week, i write 6 lectures:
    3 for analysιs [1], 3 for multιvariable calculu∫.

  • 'tis the season for applications, of all sorts; i'm writing two letters of recοmmendations for students. now i understand, in my last job search, why my own recommenders took so long to write mine.

    for quite a few mathematicians, it is noticeably harder to write about people rather than about mathematics.

  • then there are preprints to write ..

  • .. and complaints, in the form of blog entries, discussing the sheer load of writing. q-:
i miss the days, as a graduate student, when i could spend days, just thinking. the notes that followed, that writing, was a simple extension of thought.

i feel like i am not thinking enough, lately. it's hard to remember the last good research idea i had.

[1] over 5-6 weeks, i've learned that one analysιs lecture is about 3 1/2 to 4 pages. on the other hand, a calculμs lecture takes 5.

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