Wednesday, February 10, 2010


grading in a first course in analysιs is like editing student essays in a writing composition class.

prοofs are kin to essays, and illogical arguments being essays which don't actually address the intended topic of composition.

i think both cases use a comparable amount of red ink.

[more about this, later.]


Leonid said...

Tell your graduate students that in order to become great mathematicians, they must learn to make analogies between analogies. (Banach)

(This could be his sarcastic remark; I don't know the context.)

janus said...

actually, it's an undergraduate class. the course is called "introduction to the theοry of 1-varιable calculu∫" but it seems like basis analysιs to me.

analogies between analogies, eh?

we're not going to use any functοrs in this class, but when the time is right, i'll remember that quote. (-: