Wednesday, February 24, 2010

customer service.

some days ago i received my teaching evaluations from fall 2009, and the students did what i asked them to do: give detailed, written comments.

unilaterally, they pointed out:
  • during lectures, i went too fast;
  • some of my examples were really hard;
    they preferred the simpler ones to learn from.
that sounds pretty fair. i could probably implement those suggestions now.

thinking about it, i wasn't aware at the time, but there's a lot of topics that i could have skipped [1] and therefore slowed down the course.

admittedly, sometimes i write more complicated examples because i otherwise get bored. yes, it's a bad habit.

[1] then again, another instructor was in charge of writing the final exam. doing so, our input was moot and we only knew what it looked like on the day of the exam. i hate "walking blind" into a final; i can never tell if my students were properly prepared for it.

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