Thursday, December 03, 2009

some days are ambitious, some are decidedly slow.

it wasn't until my second alarm that i woke up today. even now, i don't feel quite awake yet.

remind me not to have 10am meetings anymore; it's not that i can't wake up early .. it's troublesome, of course, but possible. i'm getting better at this, with age.

being awake enough to work on research is one thing. being awake enough to discuss research with another person is quite another.)

i don't feel very ambitious today.

like most days, i doubt that i will solve any big problems or prove any big theorems. on the other hand, for today the likelihoods of those events are even smaller than usual.

so i suppose that today is a good day for reading [1] -- the kind of preparation for those ambitious days -- and for discussions, where i do most of the talking and about ideas that are already familiar to me.

i suppose, once again, that maths is like running. you can't spend every day running your fastest without eventually reaching grave injury. the rest days are as important as the fast ones.

[1] already i picked up books from the maths library; one for a reference for a meeting .. in a few minutes, another a colleague suggested, and another because i was surprised at its existence.

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