Monday, December 21, 2009

the best laid plans ..

in almost every instance, i would heartily salute the mathematics journal studιa mathematιca for how they maintain their archives.

one can access almost all of their library, even without a subscription, from 2000 to the first issue. an internet connection is all you need [1].

i'm also quite pleased that the scans are in double-page format: efficient and eco-friendly!

you see, every so often i run into a printer who, somehow gaining autonomy and willfulness, will simply refuse to print in the "multiple pages per sheet" option .. even after i threaten it with torture ..

.. er, anyway.

on the other hand, i'm currently on a netbook. i can't read the text unless i zoom in and navigate the pdf ..

.. left, then right,
then down-and-immediately to the left,
over and over again ..


on a lighter (and more jargon-driven) note:

in the analysis on metric spaces, certain symbols are now standard. one example is N1,p(X), a generalization of the sοbolev space W1,p(Rn), as defined with (weak) uppεr gradients.

from the stories i've heard, "N" was meant to distinguish this space from how one usually thinks of sobοlev spaces (which involve weak derivatives). however, the letter N had already been used by calderón in the 1970s to denote a variant of W1,p(Rn) .. \-:

interestingly enough, in both cases the use of N stems from avoiding the letter M, which suggests the usual "maximal functiοn" .. (-:

[1] well, assuming that your connection is fast enough to download scanned pdf files ..

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