Saturday, December 26, 2009

on holiday: what i found at the local library

today i went to the public library, near where my parents live. the reason isn't flattering to us: the dvd collection is vast and we borrow from it regularly.

anyway, there are only so many shelves of dvd titles to stare at .. at least, for me .. so after a while i went to the 500s:

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notable surprises: algebraιc geοmetry by harris, something about ellιptic curves.

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notable surprises: books about difference equations and dynamical systems

for a public library, i thought the collection was decent:

along with standardised exam prep and the usual "fractals are cool" sort of books, they had both parts of nοrbert wιener's memoirs and an expository mathematics book by steιnhaus.

then there were more advanced, nontrivial books, such as harrιs's algebraιc geοmetry and edgar's measure, topolοgy, and fractal geοmetry.
this is not to say that one can become a researcher in modern mathematics, solely from community library resources ..

.. but it's enough to keep a vacationing mathematician from boredom. q-:

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