Tuesday, August 11, 2009

it wasn't me; it was the computer!

yesterday i was editing a preprint, by hand first,
and when i arrived to the office at noon, by computer.

it was dark when i left, giving up.

i had planned to do more, like flesh out this one research idea on paper, read through a section of a particular reference, or even sort out the miscellany of my research into a reasonably organized plan, fit for an NSF grant application.

maybe it was ambitious of me. then again, i don't think complacent people get ahead in this business.

where did the time go?
the computer stole it all, i tell you.

there's something mesmerizing about a computer screen.

sometimes we reach a point, when working with computers, that we think in terms of computer tasks and no longer in terms of mathematics. for example,

one theorem starts on one page and ends in another.
can i format things to avoid this?

i can give this definition later, so that this section is more cohesive. but if i do that, then i have to change this theorem and that lemma ..

maybe i should limit my computer time, for work or otherwise. i used to do it with television, and that seemed to work.

maybe it's best to limit one's time in front of digital screens.

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