Saturday, April 11, 2009

spring soon ends, summer soon begins, plans ensue.

i haven't written about research much, lately. i could blame the end of term and all its little teaching annoyances ..

.. looking ahead if i can finish all the topics in my syllabi,
planning out final exams with fellow instructors ..
preliminary preparations for review classes,

.. even preparing lectures is trying my patience. you'd think i'd be used to it by now.

but if i had my act together, none of these should matter. it's not easy being a responsible person. at the very least, it's never come easily to me.

besides, the research isn't going terribly well anyway. none of my ideas seem to be working anymore, which is no end of frustration.

but i meant to write about a little good news: for a conference in june, i will have a place to stay in barcelona for a few days; the conference organisers approved me for funding.

there remains, however, about 10 days of lodging to settle for the preceding summer school. that's going to cost a pretty penny, without funding ..

anyways, even a little good news remains good news.

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