Saturday, April 04, 2009

article post: cacao and maths.

most mathematicians i know have some sort of mild stimulant addiction. foremost is coffee, of course. then there are the chocolate lovers.

one colleague (who will remain nameless) of mine will choose a smaller dinner in favor of a larger, more chocolatey dessert!

that said, they may be on to something:

"how eating chocolate can help improve your maths"

as usual, the article discusses basic maths skills like arithmetic. for once i would like to see a maths effect study in which one computes, say the h0mology of a given CW comp1ex, or estimates the m0dulus of a given curve fami1y ..

.. yeah, right.

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Anonymous said...

I thought maybe you were referring to me. But I would never order a smaller meal to save room for dessert. I am an American, darn it, we dont _save_ room for dessert, we _make_ it.