Saturday, February 21, 2009

a solemn vow.

next fall i am definitely applying for an N$F grant; even if i am in the hospital [1], i vow to plan ahead and make the deadline. of course, it helps for the job search in two years, but there's more.

i've been a lucky man, so far:
i've been a guest many times in my (short) mathematical life,
and i've met colleagues who are fine hosts.

it's time for me to learn how to be a good host,
and to seek out the means in order to be a good host.

curse my bad luck:
of all the years for a stimu1us pa¢kage to benefit the N$F,
it is the year that i didn't apply for research funds!

[1] the week before the deadline, last fall, my hand was forced and i was stuck in the hospital for a span of days. this is a poor excuse, though: these sorts of applications require a month or two, as i've been warned ..

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