Saturday, October 06, 2007

argh. LaTeX.

not much work done today. i thought to completely rewrite something that might someday become a research article, but for a silly reason:

it feels like it's taken a life of its own, and a complex one at that. every time i try to change one thing, i feel like i need to edit a dozen other items in those 22 odd pages ..

(for those keeping score at home: among others, i'm using the package fullpage and have set linespread to 1.6.)

.. and those pages don't even contain the full proof of a main lemma/theorem, yet, which is proven in three stages. only one stage is TeX'ed, so far.

at any rate, i have 9 pages, five of which were cut-and-pasted from that previous writeup. in retrospect i shouldn't have bothered; i didn't even TeX up any new proofs!

there must be something wrong with me: i am incapable of being productive, with a computer.

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