Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Putting my money where my mouth is.

No work done today, but looking at my precedent of work hours and hours in the office, one could make the argument that "the night's still young" and "the day ain't over yet."

I continued with playing host to two friends of mine from high school, and then I played soccer with friends from the Department. Now it feels like time to work, but I can't identify whether that is my conscience urging me to work my status quo routine of hours, or whether it is something larger in scope ..

.. such as accepting and meeting my current fate head-on: having been handed a research problem by my advisor, to review the context and what is known, then to plan a strategy and execute it, baby step by baby step. I'm sorry to say that I'm still somewhat overwhelmed, and it's unclear where to start first:
  • Do I read the background material more in depth? That way I can be aware of the trouble spots early on, and when they occur then I am prepared to combat them.

  • Do I close the gap, and get some preliminary results done? It's not like I don't understand the problem nor misunderstand the broad strokes of its shape. Doing something might suggest to me where I should start my study of the background material ..
It's probably a convex combination of the two, or likely a feedback loop of repeating one and then the other .. and I should get to it! Now if I can only get myself to accomplish that something ..

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