Sunday, June 12, 2005

I should keep my damned mouth shut ..

.. and stop this proclivity of wasting time on the Internet, particularly blogging and commenting on blog posts of others. In my hierarchy of must-do's, I should be:
  1. Start work on my advisor-given thesis problem. Oh yes: I have a problem now, and I'm in the state of affairs where I actually understand the problem at hand, but apart from making parallels from previous results in the field, I'm at a loss for how even to approach it.

    Then again, if I knew how to solve it, then it would no longer be a problem, would it? q: Still, the inherent and newfound uncertainty of the matter is still unnerving to me.

  2. Continue reading my advisor's book; I still feel like I don't know enough to start work in the Analysis on Metric Spaces. [1] Then again, half the days of the week I wake up and wonder if I'll ever feel ready to work in this field.

  3. LaTeX my results on previous research. There are still details to check, but if I don't do them now then I'll be swamped by more immediate work: for example, the earlier items on this list!
Instead, over the last few days I've been posting on my blog, doing work for the last item on the Must-Do List, and consistently replying to a blog post about matters of Linear Algebra.

Below is the link, if you're really that keen on reading what I have to say. My comments are under the username "grey_ghost."

[1] Lately I've prefered to refer to the subject as "metric analysis" rather than "analysis on metric spaces." Less words make a single, comprehensible mouthful.


Anonymous said...

That's "Analysis on Metric Spaces", you heretic.

janus said...

Duly noted. I've fixed the error, thanks.