Wednesday, March 09, 2005

words of a weary traveler ..

Argh .. still stranded in Philadelphia (since yesterday afternoon, because of a paranoid response to weather delays) but feeling better.

I never expected it would be this much trouble to travel to a conference, and here in the States. Even travelling to Finland for the Jyvaskyla Summer School was easier than this, and I don't even speak any Finnish!

Tomorrow is my talk: a 30-minute affair, and as was suggested to me, likely few people will be listening (because it is the last talk before lunchtime). I have a feeling it will run short, so perhaps the audience will thank me for giving them an extended lunchtime.


I'm making a stand: no more travelling this semester. I'm tired and I can't keep it up. My life only grows more and more complicated because of it, and I need to get my act together, secure an advisor, and get on track towards research and my oral Comprehensive exam.

There. Fine.

God, another half-hour before boarding, and the plane isn't even here yet. I've said it before and I'll say it again: why do I get a bad feeling about this conference?

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Anonymous said...

Hope you've made it back to A^2... any word on how the conference went?