Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Back from Dartmouth ..

[This was meant to be a reply to a comment from the previous post, but it seems to take a life of its own ..]

I'm back, after long last. Earlier this evening I was walking home to my apartment when I realized: I'm in Ann Arbor, where my apartment is. I'm in a place where I have a home, and indeed I can walk home. Ah, the small joys of life!

Aside from travelling problems, the conference went rather well. Nobody booed during my talk, and a few profs gave me suggestions and possible directions to extend this project.

With that note, it was good to see a few profs from this field. There weren't very many students attending, so I felt a little like everyone's 'mathematical nephew.' Most everyone was friendly and supportive, or at the very least, hospitable.

Moreover and mainly, it did me good to hear talks about C-C spaces; I feel that I have a sufficient (read: working) knowledge of the background of this area. Now I can think seriously about how to attack certain problems, and I've filled a few pages of my journal of mathematical problems already!

I think I should conclude the advisor search. Now it is a matter of asking .. well, maybe a little more talking, and then asking. I still have a habit of forgetting inform people of my whereabouts and plans.

Something urges me to keep focused and study other areas of study, but it's hard to leave C-C Spaces alone. The questions and the problems at hand seem so immediate ..

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