Wednesday, January 15, 2014

so it begins .. again, yet not again.

after posting a few days ago, i suddenly feel like posting again.

as i mentioned last time, yesterday was my first day of teaching for the semester. i can only say that i felt very boring.
come on: everyone knows what vector addition is!
do i really have to go over the first section of the first chapter?

surely there is a more efficient way .. maybe i should have built a worksheet, have everyone work it out in a few minutes, go over the answers, and then go on to something more interesting ..
.. thinking about it, maybe i should have done exactly that! [1]

apart from that, there's little else to say. today was the first department meeting for faculty and i learned exactly how out of the loop i am about departmental and administrative affairs.

it's a strange thing, being a tenure-track faculty member. it's like being suddenly thrown into the real world and realising that you have to grow up.

[1] that said, if you're reading this and will actually try this approach in your own first day of class, then let me know how it works ..!

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