Monday, August 26, 2013

ANH*: life comes first, then blogging.

.. yes, it's been pretty quiet on this blog. i guess you could say that i've been busy:
i'm teaching two courses this fall,
with plenty of preparations to do;

i'm starting a new job at a new department,
which involves figuring out how things work here;

i'm still trying to find an apartment, which is incredibly frustrating ..!
maybe things will calm down soon.

* this is the pre-amble that will probably lead to a year-long series, where i'll comment (read: complain) about starting a new academic life in a new department .. this time, as an assistant professor on the tenure track.

as longtime readers of this blog may recall: i get weirded out by the term "professor." in fact, during my postdoc i told my student not to call me that, due to inaccuracies. now that it's part of the job title, i suppose i can't really escape it anymore ..

.. anyway, expect this to read like a "how-NOT-to" type of guide ..!

lastly, for star wars fans it's probably clear that ANH is short for a new hope; for the longest time i thought i'd fade out from academia like obi-wan kenobi, but apparently that didn't work out .. or rather, that did work out.


Leonid said...

Congrats! Sounds like it's time to get rid of "maths post-doc" and "expatriat" in the description -- when you run out of other things to do, that is...

janus said...

good point, L; i've been meaning to use the word 'repatriate' for a while, now ..