Monday, July 08, 2013

off the cuff: snippets before the weekend.

// snippets from thursday, 4 july 2013

i'm trying to unlock a door, figure out blueprints for objects that, in their full generality and obscurity, requires believing in statements like the axiοm of choice and their implications [1]. for the right skeleton i've recast someone else's conjecture for bones and soft cartiliage.

i have examples. i know that these things exist, at least in crude forms, but how sophisticated must the designs really be?

i don't know if unlock or build is the right word, mathematically speaking. i don't know what the right word could be.

all i know is that i'm stumped at the mathematics, and all i can do now is discuss the frustration of those mathematics.

[1] apparently "axiom of choice" is also the name of a band.

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