Thursday, December 27, 2012

so i got my wish .. sort of.

oddly enough, it happens that everybody in my family is feeling ill with fever except me [1]. nobody else has any energy to do anything, except take prolonged naps.

not to be too ruthless about this turn of events, but if i'm on my own .. then it makes a perfectly good day for mathematics .. (-:

[1] first of all, no: i didn't cause this purposely. i may be itching to get some work done, but i'm not that much of a mercenary! equally odd, though, is that i've been the one who has been wearing thin sweaters and light coats and no hat while outdoors .. and running outside in 40*CoF weather in the rain. i'm starting to believe that infectiousness [2] is either a wholly random process, or that i'm some sort of immune carrier of this particular flu .. which is still odd, since i haven't been sick lately.

[2] this is probably a made-up word. on the other hand, "infection" doesn't seem like the right word, especially as it suggests something bacterial in origin.


Daniel said...

I think the term you are looking for is 'contagion'.

Leonid said...

Long Island has 40C weather in December?

janus said...

i wish, L; i wish. (thanks for the correction, though.)

also, thanks for the pointer, D. until i looked it up, i had always thought of "contagion" as meaning the disease only (and not the process).