Saturday, September 15, 2012

in media res: losing sleep, dilemmas, bad decisions.

so i woke up last night but couldn't go back to sleep. one reason [1] was that, upon reflecting on the last day of the conference, i was suddenly struck with an idea ..
say, what if you combine this one recently announced theorem of csörnyei and jοnes ..
with this other announced result by albertι, csörnyei, and preιss
so even though i kept weighing it in my mind,
i couldn't convince myself to get up and actually work it out. [2]

jotting down a few details this morning, drawing a diagram, i think it works. the logical consequence from these two results has been exactly what i've needed, all these years, for this one claim that i couldn't quite prove.
so now i should follow τerry taο's suggestion,
write a quick prototype/outline ..
wait: fvck ..!
i already bought my ticket to visit the louvre today!
i'm seeing an old friend tonight,
and i'm leaving tomorrow ..!

so i guess this idea and prototype have to wait.

oh well: maybe it's for the best. i have this absurdly early morning flight, it takes 3 hours to get from paris to helsinki, and when fully charged, my laptop battery lasts all day ..

all right, then: to the louvre! (-:

[1] the other reason was that i was staying in a mixed dorm at a cheap hostel. as it happens, one guy walks in late .. which wasn't the problem. instead, another dorm-mate yells at him that it's 2:30am and that he should be more considerate, which is good advice that should be more often taken .. especially by the speaker at the time. \-:

as for why i was staying at a hostel: the conference ended yesterday, i'm staying the weekend in paris, and it seemed unethical to use my travel funds for purely personal gain.

[2] it wasn't that i was lazy, but .. well, see [1] ..

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