Sunday, September 23, 2012

bad news (of the usual kind)

so one of my submitted articles was rejected today. the referee liked the result, but thought it was too specialised for the journal.
to be fair, the article is rather specialised and technical,
but i was hoping that its brevity [1] would work in my favor.

oh well.

it was a high-profile journal and they told me in 6 months,
which is probably as merciful as rejection gets.
so .. time to pick another journal!

[1] the page count is 16 in their format; under the amsart template, it would have been 15. (to be fair, though, it relies on an explicit construction of mine from an earlier 30+ page article.)

so in case you're wondering, no: i'm not sending it to Proc. AMS. i already have a joint article published there, and it would be nice to try something new.

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