Monday, December 19, 2011

an update, 3-4 months in.

say, is anyone still reading this?

it's been a while, hasn't it?

somehow it's become my habit NOT to write in this blog.  not a lot's been happening, i guess: i applied to a few more jobs, written up a close-to-complete set of notes [1] on some recent results, and started getting back to a few research collaborations.

when i think about it, i do a lot of worrying and complaining here.  i suppose that's natural, for two reasons:

  1.  it's year number four since i defended my dissertation, and i still don't know if i have a future in mathematics.  part of me wants to blame the economy .. but most of me acknowledges that i haven't been doing enough, my results not particularly noteworthy.

    i don't know.  i'm trying, but often i don't see any progress, and not much hope. [2]

  2. apart from the future and general malaise, the present day is going fairly well.  aside from the climate around here [2] my complaints are few, and i think the freedom from teaching has done me some good.

    i feel like i now understand more about mathematics, and become a better researcher.  i haven't had mathematician's block [3] in a while: the ideas are still there, some are taking shape.

[1] -- i think i referred to it as a "preprint" in recent memory -- if not here, then in an actual conversation with colleagues.  in truth, it used to be a preprint, but while i was checking some details, some new ideas come up.  then i had my doubts if anything worked .. but now i think i can see why the proof should and does work.

the short version: i'm pretty sure i proved some new special cases of the Ambrοsio-Kirchheιm conjecture, and reduced the full conjecture to a different (still unsolved) special case.

[2] -- that could be the seasonal affective disorder talking.  today it became bright at around 9:30am and dark again, near 3pm.  i feel tired most of the time, except late at night.  i haven't gotten around to taking any vitamin d supplements yet .. maybe i should do so.

[3] -- it's kind of like writer's block.  instead of not being inspired to write, it would be a combination of not getting new ideas and none of the old ideas working.

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