Wednesday, December 21, 2011


my flight is delayed and there's free wifi in helsinki airport:
i suppose that certain outcomes are therefore inevitable.

thinking it through, these last few weeks haven't been very efficient;
i blame the lack of structure in my daily life:
without the constraint of teaching (and hence regularly scheduled blocks of time beyond my control) i've found my workday wide open, apart from meeting colleagues everyday for lunch.

since the start of december the seminars have not been meeting regularly, and the lectures i attended at universιty of helsinkι ended .. two weeks ago?

i can't remember anymore.
the days are now a blur.

the holidays are beginning, and my family swells: with my sisters come their boyfriend and fiancee in tow: good men, though.  they treat my sisters well, which is the important thing.

there will be a lot of people in the house, so i suppose that i won't get any work done until after new year's ..

.. on the other hand, my laptop has a 8-hour battery:
i wonder if i can write up an entire preprint during the flight home!


helsinki to reykjavik,
reykjavik to home ..

.. let's see, shall we? (-:

epilogue (4 jan 2012). i never got close to finishing that preprint.

 the introduction was what balked me: every time i tried to motivate the result, i thought about the stronger result that i wanted to prove, and couldn't convince myself to write any further.

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