Saturday, November 26, 2011

today i found out that i am an author.

every so often, i run a goοgle search on myself to see if i've inadvertently done something stupid (and if so, deciding on how to erase it from existence).

this time around, something odd came up.
my thesis is available on amazο;
there's even a used copy available! (-:
that said, is this happening to anyone else, out there?

 it's one thing to download preprints from the arχiv and mirror them somewhere else, but .. come on: this is just my thesis ..

so if you want a copy,
then just email me and ask ..

(.. or at least until someone threatens to sue me.)


Leonid said...

Interesting that the used copy costs more than new. Maybe it contains valuable remarks on the margins, possibly leading to proofs of conjectures in the thesis. You should buy it just in case.

Leonid said...

The thesis of John M. is also there. Same price. Also with "used copy" from the same source.

ProQuest is free to decide how to run its business, but universities should not force PhD graduates to turn dissertations over to ProQuest.

janus said...

i wonder if it has to do with the new search options for theses, on mathscinet.

on a related note, the 4 new copies are also the same sources as well.

as for the used copy: if i recall, the margins were smallish. so if someone has an idea for how to prove one particular conjecture, then they could always write so on the margin, but there would be no room for a proof .. q-: