Thursday, November 17, 2011

on a wholly unrelated note ..

in my work notes today i'm using the symbol Ξ, or uppercase ξ, a lot.

not having much practice with this greek letter,
oftentimes it looks either like:
either way, it just feels .. ridiculous?


Leonid said...

Try \(\frac{\Xi}{\overline{\Xi}}\).

janus said...

you know, it can be iterated:

\frac{ \frac{\Xi}{\Xi} }{ \frac{\Xi}{\Xi} }


Leonid said...

But mine actually makes sense, and could appear in a paper (if \Xi is used for a Beltrami coefficient or some such thing).

janus said...

come on.

would you actually use that notation in a paper, just to indicate its utility ..? (-: