Friday, October 28, 2011

jyväskylä: then and now.

so it's been close to a week in jyväskylä again. i came with the expectation of finishing a joint project, but instead i started two new ones.
i'm glad for the work, but i worry about the future. 
at some point i'm bound to screw up the juggling routine, break another promise or two to a collaborator.

in some sense, jyväskylä was a beginning for me. i met my first co-author there, as well as two future members of my doctoral thesis committee .. a little more than 8 years ago?

 that was also when i met the advisor for the first time.

 i was fresh out of my undergraduate years, and we didn't talk much. it was only later when i'd get to know him better.

in a different timeline, where things may have happened differently, i would have spent my final semester of grad school in jyväskylä.

that was the plan, anyway: the advisor was planning a sabbatical there with his family, and we were invited as visiting scholars. it would have been a chance, i think, for us students to start building our own research connections.

 some of you know that it didn't happen that way [1] ..

.. but i suppose things worked out on the research connections front, the way the advisor would have liked.

  [1] it's almost been 4 years now, hasn't it?

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