Thursday, October 27, 2011

before, then, and after.

tuesday: i don't often say this, but i have a good feeling about this talk.  it might even be fun!

wednesday afternoon: ye gods.  this is the analysιs seminar, right?  it looks like the audience for a colloquium.  i've seen entire maths departments that are smaller than this ..

.. oh well: here goes nothing ..!

wednesday evening:  well, maybe 4 pages per hour [1] was a bit ambitious, especially for a chalkboard talk.  it was only after writing out the maths in chalk that i realised how technical the discussion really was.

still, i think that the talk was received well, and colleagues of mine had good things to say about the result.

when i was younger, i used to be deathly nervous of questions.  ultimately, i realised: if people are asking questions, then it means that they are listening, even willing to understand.

so questions are a good sign, after all.  besides, if you can't address the questions of the audience, then you probably didn't prepare enough for it ..

.. so: fair's fair. i've had my share of that. q-:

[1] read: "1 hour" = 45 minutes

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