Wednesday, September 21, 2011

#1000: lots to say, lots to do, little time to write.

it's been a while between posts, hasn't it? you'd think that by moving to a new country, i'd have more things to say and complain about ..

.. and there are. i've plenty of complaints about grant-writing, paper-writing, how the maths is going, and even how it feels to be illiterate in a post-industrial western society ..

.. and then, there's always the weather. seriously.

rather, perhaps i mean climate. everyone's been warning me about november, which is the time when the darkness comes. (at this latitude, there are far fewer hours of daylight in winter, so when it's still warm enough NOT to snow, everything looks dark and bleak .. so they say, anyway.)

that said, these very sources of complaints (except the weather) are tasks, and time-consuming ones at that. no one post ever takes too long, but for academics and non-academics alike, you know the drill:

it seems like any time you take away from a project is precious, even if you accomplish nothing in that hour. murphy's law applies, and odds are: in that very hour, you would have obtained the break-through you've been waiting for ..

.. and so i hedge my bets, suffer the usual lack of productivity, but still feel glad that i might be accomplishing something.

9 days before the application deadline;
perhaps you hear from me before then.

oddly enough, this is my 1000th post since the start of this blog. amazing: i've had that many things to bemoan, over these last few years ..! (-:

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