Friday, September 09, 2011

a clean, well-lighted place.

i think the receptionists have developed a dislike to me.

an apartment in helsinki is harder to find than i expected, especially around september, as the city experiences a rush of students looking for housing. (also, rental prices are high and not very forgiving.)

so at the moment i'm staying at a long-term hotel for university guests. there's a free breakfast included and it's a pretty good spread ..

.. but before you jump to conclusions,

no, i'm not devouring all of their food,
though i am eating more bread than i really should ..

.. on the other hand, i'm drinking a lot of their coffee.
at the very least, they must think it odd that i linger over breakfast for hours with this little notepad and pen.

so yes, i'm treating them like a free cafe:

it's clean and there are windows facing the street,
it's quiet and they haven't bothered me yet,
it's a time of day when i do my best thinking ..

.. and a pot of coffee is sitting right there, from 7 to 10am.
they have had mathematicians stay with them, right?

on a related (technical) note, a project i'm working on has become noticeably more interesting. first of all, the main theorem remains true.

as for a side theorem, an inspection of the proof shows that it only checks a special case. unfortunately, i can no longer give a full characterization of these things called measur&alpha,ble dιfferentiable structures (that is, on dοubling metric measured spaces) .. but only a partial one.

as for why it's interesting: if anyone can prove it, then it will have to be very subtle. put another way, if your proof is too strong, then you could accidentally 'prove' that "every dοubling metric measured space supports a pοincare inequality," which is clearly false.

* .. and yes, i stole the title from an ernest hemingway story .. *

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