Monday, August 22, 2011

perhaps it is time.

[i wrote this 4-5 days ago but was sidetracked by family matters]

yesterday i was math-walking .. which is a little like sleep-walking, except instead of being asleep i was distracted by mathematical thoughts.

i've had this germ of an idea. the first version, which came to me more than a week ago, clearly doesn't work, but aspects of it had merit ..

this morning i woke up at 7am [1], and i couldn't go back to sleep because i was too excited.

the idea can be modified,
it must be able to work ..

so i thought about it, then latexed it, and things seemed to "click" together .. which is fine, but not worth celebrating yet.


i've had too many occasions when things are looking really promising, only to discover a gap in the proof of a lemma leading to the result. (it's why i try to avoid saying that "i proved something" because initially, it's never fully clear whether there is enough rigor ..)

this time around, there is a difference. i think the idea is robust enough that i'm willing to discuss it with others;

maybe, with a few more pairs of eyes looking at it, the argument can be modified, clarified, optimised .. and i'll get the right proof.

[1] which is early-ish for me. these days i wake at 7:45am or so, if only because my father, who is retired, is up and about at 10am. that affords me two hours or so of work time, without interruption.

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