Tuesday, August 02, 2011

20 days and 20 nights?

currently i'm in limbo. i'm starting to think that moving in with my parents was a bad idea; maybe i should have inspected aιrbnb for a cheap one-month rental somewhere nice.
every so often i remember an acquaintance of mine named renzo, who spent a summer in costa rica, doing math, enjoying tropical weather, and entertaining guests who would visit him.

i think of the possibility of living in .. say, portland, OR, for a month .. working in cafes, hiking, drinking fine coffee and beer, wasting away in various powells bookstores.
sure, it's only for 3 weeks .. but i wonder if i'll get half of what i would like to get done.

on an unrelated note: i think geometers have moved in, across from my parents' house.

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