Saturday, August 14, 2010

why, sometimes, i hate beamer.

this is wishful thinking, but if i ever organise a conference, then i might insist on chalkboard talks only:

no beamer, no slides,
but you'd get a full 50 minutes.

i've grown frustrated at seeing full paragraphs on a single slide. dr. speaker: either let me read or convince me to listen to you. i can't very well do both ..!

this is harsh, i know.
i'm thinking in particular to those researchers who have trouble with spoken english and worry about it. by writing the "talk version" of their paper on beamer slides, they would have available a clear exposition of their ideas. in fairness to them, they are being considerate.
to me, though, this kind of talk is like listening to two different people at once. it remains challenging even if they are trying to say the same things!

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