Friday, August 20, 2010

bad news, good news, arχiv as crowdsourcing?

the bad news: 17 months & counting

i submitted a paper in march 2009, as cut from my ph.d. [1] barring a few non-committal replies when i wrote the journal, i still haven't heard anything.

i know mathematicians are generally a laid-back group of people, but ..


i guess it's time to write the editor again. who knows? maybe the referee will want to take care of this thing before fall term starts. (i would.)


maybe it was a bad idea to put everything in one paper. thinking about it now, there are two separate, nontrivial ideas contained in it, from essentially two separate fields. at the time i thought that neither idea was strong enough to warrant its own paper, but ..

  1. maybe it would have been simpler to referee, had i cut two papers instead of one;
  2. in light of the forthcoming job search, i could really use two more accepted papers instead of one. \-:

the good news: they said yes!

i also submitted a paper last year, in october.
they wrote me back today: accepted! (-;

maybe i'll now put it on the arχiv. i could use the publicity [2], now that somebody impartial has bothered checking the details. besides,
in the event that both the referee and i missed something -- a gap or error in one of the proofs -- then maybe someone else will pick up on it.

if it is truly serious, then at least i'd know to retract the paper before any publication.

[1] had i known it would have taken this long, i wouldn't have bothered polishing the preprint as much. i could have submitted a quick and dirty draft in october 2008 (5 months earlier).

[2] actually, i've added it to the CRM Preprint Series at universιtat autònoma de barcelοna, as a gesture of thanks for their hospitality last summer.


Anonymous said...

do recall that referees may not actually check details. rather they may just skim the proofs and determine if they are believable. (observe all the faulty proofs that have appeared in print.) regardless, congrats.

janus said...

you know, i was wondering if you were going to mention referees and details. (-: