Thursday, April 22, 2010

the home stretch (also: disparate bits)

i must be a masochist. i agreed to cover a colleague's lecture for next week, despite the fact that this week is the last week of classes [1].

then again .. tomorrow i have only one more of my own lectures, a review class. in the other course, they have a departmental assessment exam (so no more lectures notes to write).

so close to the end .. just two more workdays,
and i can become a full-time researcher again.

in other news,
  1. in august, i'm headed to india after all. thank you, (mathematical) big sister!

  2. tomorrow i might meet jοrge cham of ρhd comics.
    i'll certainly hear him talk;
    he's giving a presentation at my university.

[1] for evening courses, classes meet during finals week as well. as for why, i don't know.

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