Friday, January 15, 2010

me, the one-hit wonder.

so far, i've had 5 days of teaching. on any of those days,
  1. either i give a good calculus lecture and a poor analysιs lecture,
  2. or i give a poor calculus lecture but a decent analysιs lecture.
it seems that i can't be good at both. i don't know why. today it was the first case.
i have a feeling that half of them are bored and the other half are panicked. several students already dropped my analysιs course. i know this is not an honors analysιs course. i'm going slow, covering almost all of the details. in case students aren't fast at taking notes, i am erasing at a slow pace, and adding delays,
.. for instance, by explaining the motivation for the theorem or what to expect in the proof.
then again, there are other issues. today a student was confused at why, to prove -(P → Q), that we were proving P ^ -Q.

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Leonid said...

Being a one-hit wonder would mean that once, early in your career, you gave a good lecture - and you'll never be able to do it again.

I'm positive it's not that bad.