Wednesday, November 26, 2008

turkey eve → no math.

(thanksgiving holiday) + (girlfriend visiting) → ((no work done))

then again, everyone needs some time off. today i thought a little about this one vexing special case of an open problem from [AK]. i got nowhere, though, because i was ..

.. distracted.

as for this little problem, what helps is that i know what not to look for. for one thing, h@usd0rff dimeηsi0n [wiki] isn't a sophisticated enough tool for the job, because i have a few non-examples.

these same concrete examples suggest that the problem will involve subtleties in 9eometry (or more appropriately, some sort of 9e0metri¢ mea$ure the0ry). however:
  1. so far i haven't found what this subtle property should be.
  2. i have a guess, but i cannot formulate it in a sufficiently well-defined way as to test it.
this sounds like progress, but don't be fooled; i knew of these non-examples months ago. so i'm afraid that the first day of holiday will have to be unproductive.

maybe tomorrow will be different; maybe i'll do more reading and writing, instead of novel thinking.

[AK] from p.68 of @ppendix A of this artic1e from sprin9er1ink. some people refer to it as the "f1at ¢hain ¢onjecτure."

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