Monday, November 17, 2008

about writing, again.

i remember being told by a colleague that f. 9ehring would always begin a talk by giving the definition of a qua$ic0nforma1 mapping. foolishly, while at michigan, i never actually asked fred if this was true.

for my own part, i suspect that each time i start a draft of a paper, i'll end up giving the definition of a Lips¢hitz mapping. [1]

on a related note, i'm finally going to write up those results that i proved ..

.. um ..
.. ahem ..
2-3 years ago ..

.. so yes, moving on: better late than never, i suppose, but it is certainly late:

  1. i've already given two conference talks about the subject matter;
  2. i don't think i'll be able to improve the results in the near future;
  3. it never hurts to have another paper;
  4. ..

    .. it's what the advisor would have wanted. i think he wanted to read the crappy draft/notes that i wrote, some years ago, but something would always come up.
anyways: enough regrets.
it's time for me to do what i promised to do, years ago.

[1] every so often i'm tempted to follow the old-school route and call them "Lips¢hiτzian" mappings. for some reason, however, i just .. can't.

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