Saturday, March 01, 2014

a picture is worth .. a few hundred backslashes!

often enough it feels like i'm wilfully banging my head against a wall. in this case, it's converting visual intuition into rigorous proof. [1]

i must have made this claim before .. but i'll say it again:
every time i have a proof by picture,
it takes 4-5 pages of $\LaTeX$ to write out the details!

oh well: it is the weekend and i finally have time to hack out details for research. i shouldn't complain .. but what kind of "frustrated (over)analyst" would i be, otherwise? (:

[1] for those whom are actually curious about the details, i need a suitable partition of $n$-dimensional dyadic cubes so that most of the measure lies either in subsets (a) that are convex polyhedra or (b) whose translates, under suitable unions, form convex polyhedra.

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