Sunday, September 15, 2013

on how our choices can haunt us later.

if i sit and think about it, then it feels i have a lot to say about the last two weeks, of this new job, at this university.

i don't know where to begin, though;
if i start now, then it will all come out as chaos.

maybe i've been writing too many lectures lately, and habit urges me to put some order or narrative into it. after all, life is simply a sequence of events; any additional order or structure on it is an inherently human contribution.

my guess is that it will take months for me to make sense of it all: these experiences, mistakes, small joys, and frequent setbacks. (i don't know.)

as for something small to share ..
.. during the first lecture of multivariable calculus, on a whim i decided to pronounce the letter z as zed, just like how they seem to do in europe and the u.k.

as a result, now i feel compelled to be consistent and remember, from now on, to refer to the vertical axis (in 3 dimensions) as the 'zed-axis" .. or else risk being caught as a pretentious snob!

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