Wednesday, June 05, 2013

a(n unappreciated) surprise.

on a completely mathematically-unrelated subject, i was told today by a colleague that his girlfriend thought i was 23 years old [1].

upon hearing this, i spat out: "WHAT" ..?
then he pointed out: "you should be flattered" ..!

to be fair, he does have a point; then again, so do i:
what came first to mind was how agonising life was at 23;

it was early in my ph.d.,
i probably hadn't passed all my qualifying exams yet,
and definitely hadn't started working with the advisor yet.

in general i wasn't sure of anything or whether this was the right path to take.
heck, i still don't know.

the only reason i'm so relaxed about it now is that my imagination's gotten worse, and the subsequent worst-case scenarios have stopped looking so gloomy! (-:

[1] as for some background, he's probably about 24-25 years old (though i've actually never asked him) and i surmise that his girlfriend is the same age. when i met her over dinner, there was also a masters' student joining us too, so guessing beyond the age of 30 would be a little out of context.

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