Tuesday, May 14, 2013

in medias res: a setback, of the cruel-lest kind (UPDATED)

argh! i can't believe it!
in the last few mornings i've been working on this one corollary that i thought would be easy .. but no. of all the obstructions, it has to do with a multiplicative constant!

come on!
when do those ever matter?!?


now i guess i have to compute tangeηt measυres, which are a pain ..!
oh well. at least (for the moment) i'm working on a Euclidean space. 7-:

added: 16 may 2013 @10:33 eest

on second thought .. now that i realised this problem is noticeably harder, it's become that much more interesting.

it also conveniently furthers my agenda to explore gmt more deeply and so doing, improve my skills in the subject. one day i hope to call myself a geοmetric measυre theοrist. as of now, though, i consider myself a mere gmt groupie!

on an unrelated note: apart from a few hours in the morning .. usually 2, in fact .. it's been rather difficult to concentrate on research. i blame the weather, which is finally turning nice here. it makes me want to shake my fist at a(n albeit) beautiful, blue sky!

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